Air Separators


We offer two different types of air separators. Our wall and cabinet mounted separators utilize a pressurized vacuum method of separation. Our multiple air chamber systems use stratified columns of pressurized air to separate products. Both systems offer outstanding results and have been proven to be highly effective in upgrading seed lot quality. Our air separator product line has been proven to recover seed losses from other processing machines; as much as 25-50% more seed yield was gained from the recovery with the same or higher germination.



Multiple Air Chamber System (MACS): This separator is designed and engineered with multiple air columns for maximum performance. It provides a positive airflow calibration utilizing independent LED computerized keypad operations for each column. Each separation chamber is independent of each other which allows for the utmost product separation.  Other features include removable screen chamber cartridges and versatility of screen size in relation to product size.These machines are so sensitive in their calibration that they can separate seed based on the moisture and tissue development of the seed’s density. The model come in various sizes and capacity ratings and is best suited for larger operations. 

Stratified Air Vacuum: Provides vacuum airflow calibration utilizing an LED computerized keypad operation that allow the user the ability to control air flow and feed rate which helps to achieve purity.These models are designed with a vacuum stratified airflow system inside the chamber of the separators main body. The separator is designed with upper chamber slide-in cups which collect the light or unwanted material. The remaining dust/chaff enter into an enclosed vacuum tank. This system comes in two styles -- Wall Mount Separator (stationary) or Mobile Cabinet with locking caster wheels for mobility. 

The primary difference between the two models is capacity. Our STS-MC3 and the STS-WM series use vacuum pressurized air to separate products and are designed for continuous or batch feed operation. The smallest model, STS-WM2 lab model, is ideal for small lot batch feed processing, non-continuous flow. This product line is best suited for small to medium sized operations.

Overall, our separators are successful in separating out less viable and immature seed, thus improving the quality of the lot and enhancing seed germination. In addition, the user has the ability to control air flow and feed rate which helps to achieve product purity.

Although our speciality is seed, our separators are successful in the separation of many products.  The key being weight.  Essentially anything can be separated if there is a difference in weight between the products.  Our favorite product separation thus far -- pollen separated from the "donated" body parts of bees!

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