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About Us


Our company CEO and founder, Richard Felden, started SeedTech Systems, LLC in 1993 after working for the California Department of Forestry as a tree seed specialist. Mr. Felden was frustrated with the lack of equipment available on the market that could successfully clean seed lots from the rest of the debris without damaging the precious seed or experiencing significant seed loss. It is through this direct hands-on experience, and hours of trial and error, that the first Multiple Air Chamber System was designed. In fact, it is still in use with the Department of Forestry today.


SeedTech Systems LLC is located in Wilton, California which is a small farming community located east of Sacramento. We are backed by more than 21 years of experience in the industry and our product lines have been rigorously field tested and have withstood the test of time.


We not only value each and every customer we have ever earned, but we value our business associates as well. The companies that started with SeedTech Systems, LLC in the beginning, from our machinists to our shippers are still with us today. It is through these successful partnerships that STS can produce and deliver only the finest products.